For most, the go-to places for sourcing furnishings and fabrics leads us straight to the high street or to our favourite websites. This can often result in a final look that comes straight from the shop floor of one particular store. There’s nothing wrong with this but you could probably walk into a number of homes around the UK and feel like you are in the same space. Slightly safe and bland and really rather generic.

A professional designer has access to thousands of products in their supply chain so can create a look that’s totally bespoke to you by bringing together pieces from numerous sources. Designers also know about up and coming suppliers and artisans that are entering the market so can find you that perfect talking point for your space.

With a professional by your side they will encourage you to be a little bolder, a little braver to and to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. They will help you create the wow factor – the “I would never have done that on my own” effect.

Professional designers understand spaces, understand their client, and have the knowledge to bring this all together to create a cohesive harmonious finish.

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