The amount of investment in time and effort that is required to deliver a fantastic interior project should not be underestimated. Time spent browsing magazines, Pinterest or Houzz for inspiration can take hours that most of us really don’t have while we are juggling the demands of our jobs and our families. It takes many hours to properly define the vision and plan properly for successful implementation, finding contractors, sourcing furniture, deciding on fabrics, colours and lighting – this list goes on.

Decisions made in hurry just to move the project forward on any not be optimum and will result in a compromised finish at the end. Perhaps too, an element of buyers remorse!

Imagine someone else doing all the leg-work on the project and presenting you with only fabulous options that you can deliberate over a coffee on a relaxed Sunday morning. Then you carry on with your life while someone else coordinates and directs and you end up with an inspired space with minimal drain on your precious time.

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