Finesse Interior Design was born out of a passion to create inspiring spaces and we want to make this available to everyone.

There’s a common perception that Interior Design is not for me. We are bombarded with many beautiful images and stories from luxury lifestyle magazines depicting million pound homes, luxurious penthouses and rambling country estates which are all finished with the finest furniture and fabrics that money can buy. It’s enjoyable to look at these beautiful and inspiring homes but it can be very difficult to relate this to back to our own spaces.

In the press we often learn about the latest celebrity designer and their amazing celebrity project – it feels very detached from the real world that we live in – although it might be something we aspire to.

As a designer, I want to break through the perceptions and bring interior design to everyone. A well-designed space that feels like you and works for you has a real impact on your wellbeing. Good design is not about having an endless budget to buy the most expensive items – a well-implemented design will always look more expensive than the sum of its parts. A good designer will work with you to get as much as possible from your budget knowing how to prioritise – where to splurge and where to economise. You will be guided through the process step by step so you will avoid those costly mistakes and actually save you time and money – and stress – now who doesn’t need that!

The world of interior design is embracing technology and I’m pleased to announce the launch of eInteriors – an online design service. By taking on some of the initial “field work” yourself and cutting out costly travel time a full design service can be yours at a greatly reduced cost. Three base packages are available or a bespoke package can be created just for you.  A bespoke package can be created for kitchens and bathrooms too.

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