You need an interior designer – let me tell you why!


“Where do I start?” There are thousands of choices and what feels like endless decisions to make when starting an interior project. There are over 500 shades of grey and that’s just one hue. A single fabric house can have over 30,000 different fabrics to choose from. Then there’s a mind-boggling choice of styles and layout options. The overwhelming number of possibilities can be bewildering – this may result in inertia and we may decide not to start the project at all.

We are so familiar with our surroundings that we can’t see the wood for the trees. We are so used to our spaces that it can be very difficult to imagine them in any other way. Often our ideas and creativity are stifled by what we know and what is familiar. An interior designer will bring fresh perspective and creativity to your project. They have no preconceptions or self-imposed limitations about what can be achieved in the space.

Design choices are infinite. A professional designer will guide you the myriad of options – they will take you by the hand and show you the way. An interior designer will apply their understanding of the elements and principles of design and work with the age and character of your property to achieve an outstanding result. In addition by getting to know you personally you will get the inspiring space you always wanted. An interior designer will help you overcome the bewilderment and finally come home to the space you’ve always dreamed about.


Investment in an interior design service may feel like an unnecessary expense when you are about to embark on a renovation project but it will actually save you money in the long run. The cost of mistakes, undoing decisions made in haste or deciding to redo the space again in a few years because you aren’t satisfied all create unnecessary cost.

An interior renovation needs to be run as efficient project from start to finish. If you don’t have a complete vision with a plan that leads you to that then the total look will come together in a haphazard way and compromises may have to be made along the way. A designer knows exactly how to achieve the final result, making timely decisions in the right order. Having and effective and experienced project coordinator work with you will ensure that costly mistakes or ill-advised decisions are avoided.

An interior designer will make the most of every penny in your budget.  They will achieve an overall look that far exceeds the sum of its parts. 


The amount of investment in time and effort that is required to deliver a fantastic interior project should not be underestimated. Time spent browsing magazines, Pinterest or Houzz for inspiration can take hours that most of us really don’t have while we are juggling the demands of our jobs and our families. It takes many hours to properly define the vision and plan properly for successful implementation, finding contractors, sourcing furniture, deciding on fabrics, colours and lighting – this list goes on.

Decisions made in hurry just to move the project forward on any not be optimum and will result in a compromised finish at the end. Perhaps too, an element of buyers remorse!

Imagine someone else doing all the leg-work on the project and presenting you with only fabulous options that you can deliberate over a coffee on a relaxed Sunday morning. Then you carry on with your life while someone else coordinates and directs and you end up with an inspired space with minimal drain on your precious time.


Inside secrets

For most, the go-to places for sourcing furnishings and fabrics leads us straight to the high street or to our favourite websites. This can often result in a final look that comes straight from the shop floor of one particular store. There’s nothing wrong with this but you could probably walk into a number of homes around the UK and feel like you are in the same space. Slightly safe and bland and really rather generic.

A professional designer has access to thousands of products in their supply chain so can create a look that’s totally bespoke to you by bringing together pieces from numerous sources. Designers also know about up and coming suppliers and artisans that are entering the market so can find you that perfect talking point for your space.

With a professional by your side they will encourage you to be a little bolder, a little braver to and to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. They will help you create the wow factor – the “I would never have done that on my own” effect.

Professional designers understand spaces, understand their client, and have the knowledge to bring this all together to create a cohesive harmonious finish.

If you are ready to create your inspiring space and want to call in a professional, book a free 30-minute phone consultation with Anna-Marie who will share her passion for interior design and set you on the journey to create your own inspiring space.